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Avid Rambler Is Back On Track Following Double Hip Replacement
Thursday 4 May 2017

An avid rambler is setting her sights high after two successful hip operations at Rowley Hall Hospital.

Vera Evans is enjoying her long walks in the countryside again after two separate hip replacements.

And the 80-year-old is hoping to be climbing mountains again with her walking group before the end of the year.

Vera has been battling through the pain barrier with hip discomfort for the last two years and is thrilled with the surgery which has made her feel like a new person.

After several visits to her doctor and a series of painkillers and physiotherapy sessions the pain wasn’t getting any easier.

Vera spoke to a friend in Scotland who had experienced hip problems and she returned to her GP for an X-Ray.

She was given the option to be referred to a specialist at Rowley Hall and met with hip specialist Mr Sabur Malek at Rowley Hall for an initial consultation.

Mr Malek, an expert in hip replacements, suggested full surgery would be the best option to resolve the problem long term and Vera was booked in for her first hip replacement surgery.

Just 13 weeks after her first procedure, she returned to Rowley Hall for the second operation.

Vera, who is a member of the Mid Staffs Ramblers group and has walked all over the world, has been stepping up her walks following the operations.

She said: “I got back into my walking after the first operation but then after the second it set me back a bit because I needed more recovery time again.

“But now I’m walking up to six miles at a time in the countryside and I feel great. I get a little bit of discomfort if I overdo it but generally the best thing about having the two operations is that I’m pain free which I’m delighted about.”

Vera has been attending physio sessions at Rowley Hall Hospital as part of the aftercare process.

She added: “I am so grateful to all the staff at Rowley Hall for the speedy and excellent treatment I received during both hip replacements.

“The consultant during both operations and the follow up treatment with the physiotherapists has been exceptional.

“I am continuing to make good progress and I’m looking forward to doing even more walking in terms of the mileage from now on. I hope to be climbing mountains by the autumn!”

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