Distance Is No Barrier For Skin Surgery Patient Lindsey
Monday 27 February 2017

A patient is delighted after undergoing skin surgery with one of Rowley Hall Hospital’s top cosmetic surgeons.

Lindsey Livingstone had operations to remove skin lesions from her forehead and chest, performed by Mr Philip Brackley.

She made a 280 mile round trip for the surgery from Windsor in Berkshire after she was initially given information by her GP about appropriate treatment to remove the skin lesions.

Lindsey researched UK surgeons who delivered the procedures she needed and, as a result, met with Mr Brackley who explained the process to her thoroughly before she went ahead with surgery at Rowley Hall.

Although both were minor operations, they have made a difference to Lindsey and she is delighted that she chose Mr Brackley as her surgeon.

Lindsey said: “I had never been to Rowley Hall before but I was keen to have these operations done by a surgeon I could trust.

“The skin lesions had been bothering me for a long time and were getting progressively worse and becoming more prominent so I decided to do something about them.

“When I spoke to Mr Brackley he was very reassuring and calming and put me completely at my ease.

“He went into a lot of detail about what he was going to do surgically so I was fully aware of everything.”

Mr Brackley, who has clinics at Rowley Hall  on Thursday mornings and alternate Wednesday evenings, is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a subspecialty expertise in skin cancer and is the Lead skin cancer surgeon at St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust.

He has recently been Chairman of the Cheshire and Merseyside Regional Skin Cancer Network.

Mr Brackley also specialises in a variety of cosmetic surgeries including breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction body sculpting, skin excisions and hand surgery.

In addition, he works closely with Rowley Hall Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anne Ward to deliver the Stafford Skincare clinic – a private skincare clinic open at Rowley Hall Hospital

The service gives patients the opportunity to have skin lesions reviewed by a dermatology skin specialist (Dr Ward) and removed on the same day, if appropriate, by Mr Brackley.

In Lindsey’s case, she was very nervous about the surgery but the procedure on the day went smoothly and quickly thanks to Mr Brackley.

Lindsey said: “Mr Brackley did the procedures swiftly and efficiently as he is a very experienced surgeon.

“I’m not a fan of going into hospital but the whole experience didn’t feel like a hospital, it was very comfortable and relaxed.

“I’m now benefiting from the outcome as Mr Brackley made a really neat job of both procedures, so I feel very happy.

“I would recommend him and his work to anyone because my experience was excellent and his manner and attentiveness were first class.”

The mother-of-three added: “All the nurses on the Ward and throughout the hospital were wonderful. They were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for me.

“It was quite a journey to Rowley Hall from where I live but it was definitely well worth it.”

Mr Brackley said: “I am delighted that Lindsey is pleased with her surgery and had a very positive experience.

“These operations are just some of the many surgeries I offer at Rowley Hall, ranging from minor procedures to full cosmetic surgery.”

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