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Hip Replacement Makes Boatman Dean Feel Like He Can Walk On Water
Friday 5 May 2017

A waterways fanatic feels as though he can walk on water after being transformed by hip surgery.

Boatman Dean Oliver is like a new man after having his right hip totally replaced at Rowley Hall Hospital.

The 45-year-old, who lives on a narrowboat, has suffered with hip problems due to a career in the construction trade which has taken its toll.

Hip pain has also hindered Dean in his role as a construction supervisor where he has to walk long distances across building sites up and down the country.

Dean first thought about having a hip replacement four years ago when he met someone through work who had benefited from two hip replacements.

But he battled on through the pain barrier before the discomfort worsened and he decided to visit his GP to find out what could be done.

He was referred to see hip specialist Mr Amit Patel at Rowley Hall Hospital and met with him for an initial consultation to assess the extent of the damage.

Dean decided to go ahead with a full right hip replacement, realising that his hip was in a bad state of repair.

Dean said: “Years of working in the construction industry have really caught up with me.

“I’ve been involved in labouring, pipe laying, slabbing and lots of other manual tasks which put a real strain on your body over a period of time.

“I knew there was a problem several years ago but in age terms I was relatively young to have this kind of surgery.

“But it reached the point where it was stopping me from doing my job properly and living on a boat, it was also getting really difficult to moor the boat and manage the canal locks as well. I was hobbling about everywhere.”

Dean spent two nights on the hospital ward recovering from his surgery before being discharged and he headed straight back to his boat which was moored on the canal at Norbury, ten miles from Rowley Hall.

He said: “I’ve had an amazing experience at Rowley Hall. Everything about the hospital is brilliant, the consultants, the staff, the food, everything. It’s like going to stay in a nice hotel for your surgery, not a hospital.”

Mr Patel is a specialist in hip replacements, knee surgery, knee replacements, ligament reconstruction and cartilage regeneration and delivers all of these procedures at Rowley Hall.

Dean is now looking into having his left hip replaced following the successful operation on his right hip.

He said: “I feel absolutely great. I was getting like an old man in terms of my mobility but this operation has been the best thing ever.

“Rowley Hall is definitely the place to go, not just for hip replacements, but other surgery as well.”

Now Dean is itching to get back on the building site again and he is looking forward to a pain free life.

Dean added: “I go wherever the work is on my boat, particularly to places like Rochdale and Liverpool so I know the waterways in the North West really well.

“I’m still planning to get back to work as soon as I can but I feel like a different person after the operation already and it’s going to make a big difference to life on my boat.

“I love living on the water and enjoy my job so I’m delighted that I’ve had this done because it has made such a difference to my quality of life.”

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