One Stop Skin Surgery Service Is Launched At Rowley Hall
Monday 5 September 2016

Patients can benefit from fast access to mole removals and skin surgery thanks to a new one stop service at Rowley Hall Hospital.

The service is being launched by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anne Ward in partnership with Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Philip Brackley.

A range of skin lesion treatments are available at the hospital including mole removal, cyst removal, lipoma removal, kerastosis removal, skin tag removal and wart removal.

Patients can book appointments which usually take around 30 minutes and include the consultation and surgical procedure.

Dr Ward will examine skin lesions and moles at the consultation to ensure they are harmless and she can easily remove simple skin lesions but patients requiring more complex surgery will be treated by Mr Brackley.

Dr Ward is a vastly experienced Dermatologist while Mr Brackley is an expert in a full range of cosmetic and skin surgeries. 

Dr Ward said: “This service provides patients with a safe, expert diagnosis and fast access to treatment with excellent surgical results.

“There is a great demand for mole removal and skin surgery so we are pleased to offer this service at Rowley Hall Hospital.

“Patients can come and visit us to have small skin lesions removed straight away or if more complex surgery is required they will be able to find out more at the consultation.”

To book an appointment for a consultation, please call Dr Ward at Rowley Hall Hospital on 01785 238660.

Patients who choose Rowley Hospital for private healthcare treatment can benefit from convenient and flexible appointment times, their own choice of consultants and single en suite rooms.

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