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What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is performed solely for the purpose of improving the appearance of a part of the body. Good examples of this are breast augmentation to increase the size of the breast or breast reduction to make them smaller.  Reconstructive surgery on the other hand has the main aim at restoring form, such as in surgery to reconstruct the breast following a mastectomy. There is of course overlap between these two definitions and the skills required are the same.

What is the recovery from cosmetic surgery like?

That of course depends on the type of cosmetic procedure, whether a local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic is required, whether the operation is in the morning or the afternoon, and what is actually being done.  Most minor procedures such as eyelid surgery are performed as day cases, whilst full tummy tuck procedures often require a day or two in hospital because of the presence of drains and to optimize mobility safely.

Where will my procedure be performed?

All procedures take place on site at Rowley Hall Hospital. Many of the simple and minor procedures can be performed in outpatients under local anaesthetic whilst all the general anaesthetic cases are performed in the main theatres at the hospital.

Is surgery performed under general or local anesthesia?

This will depend on what procedure is being done and patient preferences.

What should I know about the safety of outpatient surgery?

Safety is of utmost importance to all of us here at Rowley Hall Hospital and the same principles are applied whether treatment is performed in outpatients or as an inpatient.

How long will the benefits last?

That will depend entirely on the procedure and your surgeon will be able to answer that for you during your consultation.

How many people undergo cosmetic surgery each year?

Cosmetic surgery continues to be increasingly popular in the UK, backed up by figures released in 2015. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that there were 51,540 surgical procedures in 2015, up from 45, 406 in 2014.

How many men have cosmetic surgery?

The number of men opting for cosmetic surgery has almost doubled in the past decade, from 2,440 treatments in 2005 to 4,614 in 2015. Male breast reductions have risen during that period by 13% and male facial procedures were up by an average of 14-15.5%.

What are the most popular procedures for men?

Brow Lifts, Eye Lid Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Rhinoplasty, Liposuctuon, Chest Reduction Surgery and Abdominoplasty.

What are the possible risks?

This is all dependent on the procedure

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