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Laser hair removal

Rowley Hall Hospital is now offering revolutionary new Laser Hair Removal which is suitable for all skin types.

The service treats many types of hair including red hair and unlike other lasers, the process is virtually pain free.

Hair removal treatment is for people who are looking to achieve long lasting removal of unwanted hair. In order for the treatment to work you will need to have between 4 and 6 treatments. This is because your hair growth is in one of three stages: 'Growth', 'Dormant' or 'Dead'.

Treatment has to be at intervals to give the best chance of catching each follicle in its growth stage before the end of the treatment course.

During a treatment you have a light gel, called an optical gel, applied to the skin surface and the laser is rubbed over the area. Our laser is the only virtually pain free laser on the market.

The nurse that will take care of you will then apply a cooling aloe vera gel on the area that has been treated. You will find the treatment very comfortable and no recovery time will be needed.

(On rare occasions, clients have experienced redness on the treatment area for up to half and hour.)

Each treatment costs from £40, but this will vary depending on the area being treated.