Rowley Hospital physiotherapy department is a diverse and motivated team comprised of Chartered Physiotherapists lead by Suzanne Nitta, the Physiotherapy Manager. The department has been established for over 15 years.

The Physiotherapy Department at Rowley Hospital has both in and outpatient facilities offering a comprehensive range of treatments. We aim to provide a complete package of care to patients, which combines a full assessment with education and self-help programmes and conventional physiotherapeutic treatments.

  • All staff are experienced Chartered Physiotherapists registered with the Health Professions Council
  • Well equipped Department with wide range of modern physiotherapeutic equipment
  • One hour allocated for initial assessments including treatment
  • Full 1/2 hour follow up appointments or more when required
  • We aim to see emergency problems within 24 hours of referral
  • One to one patient care
  • Extended appointment hours available
  • Recognised by all major insurance companies
  • No waiting list

How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing. Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which sees human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals.

Physiotherapists identify and maximise movement potential through health promotion, preventive healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation. The core skills used by physiotherapists include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and the application of electro-physical modalities. Physiotherapists also have an appreciation of psychological, cultural and social factors which influence their clients.

Treating sports injuries with physiotherapy

Any injury to the body can be a nuisance, but even more so if you are involved in sport. It is important to obtain immediate advice and effective treatment following injury as a delay could lengthen your recovery time. At Rowley hospital we are able to offer access to Chartered Physiotherapists within 1 working day, who will assess your injury, begin appropriate treatment and guide your rehabilitation, to enable you to return to your sport as soon as possible.

The department is open:

Monday 8.30am-5.30pm

Tuesday 8.30am-6pm

Wednesday 8.30am-5.30pm

Thursday 8.30am-6pm

Friday 8.30am-5pm

The Physiotherapy department accepts referral from both GPs and Consultants. You may also self-refer for treatment. In this situation the Physiotherapist will report any findings and outcome at the end of your treatment back to your GP.

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